Joyce's Success Story

Joyce was suffering for years with fibromyalgia, without finding any relief from the myriad of prescription medications she was advised to take from medical doctors.

Tired of suffering for years, only to be told that drugs would solve her problem, she decided to come see Dr. Huntsman. Since receiving his care, her condition has greatly improved and she's finally found someone who listens and understands her condition.

"I have fibromyalgia and the following symptoms were extremely bad when I first saw Dr. Huntsman: headaches, a stiff neck, middle back pain and low back pain. Now, since beginning care my middle back pain has greatly improved and those other symptoms have had moderate improvement as well.

The individual care here is fantastic and the honesty by the doctor as to whether he can help you or not is refreshing. Most doctors would just treat you even if they could help you or not.

I like that I am not rushed in and out. Dr. Huntsman really listens and explains everything thoroughly and makes you feel that he really cares about each and every one."

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