Kelly's Success Story

Kelly's Success Story

For a decade Kelly was suffering from a myriad of conditions, among them constant, chronic pain. Kelly had tried a variety of methods for these symptoms, including a chiropractor, but nothing helped.

After finding out about Dr. Huntsman, Kelly decided to meet with him and see what could be done after ten years of chronic pain. Her care with Dr. Huntsman has exceeded her expectations, and is now enjoying a life she never thought she could have again.

"For the past ten years I’ve been having headaches, back pain, fatigue and a stiff neck. I had briefly tried a chiropractor when this pain first started ten years ago.

Since I started coming here, my headaches, back pain, fatigue and stiff neck have greatly improved. I used to have to hold myself up with my arms just to brush my teeth because I was unable to support my own weight due to severe low back pain.

I’ve found that since receiving treatment I’ve been able to get out of bed easier, and hold myself up without the use of my arms. I enjoy everyday so much more because I’m not in constant pain that I was in before.

What I like most about the care is the extra steps taken to make sure the patients are well cared for and the sincere interest in my recovery. I love the fact that I see the same faces when I come in. It makes me feel much more secure and like they’ve taken extra steps to make sure I recover fully.

I would say that I’ve received the best care anyone could ask for. I’d say how grateful I am that you’ve worked with me not only on my physical problems but financially as well.

This has been one of the most satisfying medical experiences I’ve ever had!"

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