Lisa's Success Story

Lisa's Success Story

Working as a registered nurse, Lisa saw first-hand how many patients' conditions worsened after back surgery, and how medications merely covered up symptoms without addressing the cause of the problem.

When a friend suggested she see Dr. Huntsman, she made an appointment to find out if there was another way to treat her fibromyalgia without the use of drugs or undergoing surgery.

Shortly after receiving care, Lisa experienced significantly measurable results, and was able to slowly wean off the medication she had been on for years.

"Having been a Registered Nurse for 33 Years and having had multiple medical interventions to treat a congenital neck problem with severe neck and low back pain, I had not had any significant relief until I sought the help of Dr. Mark Huntsman.

Not only is his compassionate, caring manner excellent, but his medical knowledge is exceptional. His ability to explain your condition and treatment options is understandable and trustworthy, and his actual intervention of my neck and back problems is simply superior to any traditional medical treatments I had had up to this point. I had not been without pain in over 2 years until I started seeing him for chiropractic treatment and have now experienced relief in four treatments. I believe that is because he treats the underlying problems causing your symptoms—he does not just treat the symptoms.

I have worked in a neurosurgical medical setting and often saw that patients did not improve or worsened following neck and/or back surgery. Nothing has helped me as much as going to Dr. Huntsman.

The quality of my life has been literally changed!"

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